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Dec 24, 2012

Your quit smoking date

After what we have seen at this first article "do you think quitting smoking is hard?" , Quitting is not so easy, However today is your big day. So to help you get through your first smoke free-day, I suggest that you:

     1.Keep busy and find new things to do

     2.Stay away from what tempts you

     3.Plan to reward yourself


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 Keep busy and find new things to do

Keep busy today, spending as much time as you can in nonsmoking places. Create some new habits and mix up your daily routine. Today and the days ahead will be easier if you avoid things that remind you of smoking. Remember it’s harder to smoke if you are keeping yourself busy and finding new things to do.
Here are some examples to get you started.

Go to nonsmoking places

    Places of worship
    Smoke-free restaurants

Be active

    Take a bike ride
    Walk or run
    Go for a swim

Distract your hands     
    Write a letter
    Knit or crochet
    Hold something: a tennis ball, pen, or coin

Distract your mind

    Do a crossword puzzle
    Read a book

Fool your mouth

    Try a toothpick or straw
    Chew sugar-free gum
    Brush your teeth often and use mouthwash
    You may have a hard time concentrating in your early days as a nonsmoker.

    Mental activities, such as doing crossword puzzles or even reading a book or magazine, may be more challenging. Recognize that it may be difficult to stay mentally focused in the early stages of quitting. Remember your skill in these activities will improve.


Stay away from what tempts you

    You now understand that certain things trigger your urge to smoke. Today and as you’re trying to quit, review your list of triggers. Then think of how you can avoid them. Other helpful tips to avoid triggers are noted below.

Change your routine

   Changes in your routine help you avoid times and places that trigger the urge to smoke. Do things and go places where smoking is not allowed. Keep this up until you feel more relaxed and confident about being smoke free.

Instead of smoking…… YOU CAN …..

After meals try getting up from the table, brushing and flossing your teeth, and taking a walk.
While driving you can listen to a new radio station, try a different route, or taking a train or bus, if possible.
Instead of drinking coffee take water, juice, or tea. Or, just change the time you drink your coffee.
At a party better to be with nonsmokers and keep your hands busy.

When you really crave a cigarette

Remember the urge to smoke usually lasts only a few minutes. Try to wait it out. One reason it’s important to get rid of all your cigarettes is to give yourself the time you need for these cravings to fade. Drink water or do something else until the urge passes. You really have to have a plan for this special case, you can use any of the tips below.

Pick up something:Try something other than a cigarette.Sunflower seeds, apples, raisins, or pretzels.

Have a list of things you can do at a moment’s notice: Organize your computer files, delete messages from your cell phone, or call a friend to support you.

Take a deep breath:Take 10 slow, deep breaths and hold the last one.Then breathe out slowly. Relax.

Clean something: Wash your hands or the dishes, vacuum, or clean out your car.

Make a move: Go outside or to a different room, or change what you are doing or who you are with.

       No matter what, don’t think, “Just one won’t hurt.” It will hurt. It will slow your progress toward your goal of being smoke-free. Remember—trying something to beat the urge is always better than trying nothing.
The craving will go away, whether you smoke a cigarette or not.


Plan to reward yourself

Don’t think of it as stopping smoking. Think of it as starting a new, healthier life style. Staying smoke-free is
challenging. It takes some time. Be patient. You will begin to feel better. Set up rewards to remind yourself how hard you’re working. For example, you could:

    Buy yourself something special to celebrate quitting

    Go for dinner at a new restaurant

    See a movie or sporting event

    Start a new hobby

    Begin exercising

My list of rewards

      Make your own list of rewards. If they require a purchase, figure out the cost, Then plan for rewards that equal the amount of time you’ve succeeded in quitting (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and so on). Put aside cigarette money to save for or buy some of them. You’ll be amazed at how fast the money you used to spend on cigarettes adds up and how soon you’ll be able to buy your rewards.

Now that you aren’t buying cigarettes, you probably have more spending money. For example, if you smoke
one pack a day, $5.00 per pack, so :

1 day = $5.00
1 week = $35.00
1 month = $150.00
1 year = $1,825.00
10 years = $18,250.00
20 years $36,500.00.

      You have to be careful with food rewards. It’s a great idea to go out to dinner or have a scoop of ice cream. Just be reasonable. Treat yourself without overeating. Make sure you are really hungry and not just searching for a substitute for a cigarette craving.

Good luck.

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